TURN AROUND!!! 2-Day Gala of Free Jazz and Improvisations : Oct 11 & 12, 2010

Turn around!!!

This week I organized a super cool mini-festival…!

I think the reservation is being made already, and being this great of a line up, I’m certain it will be sold out. Please make your reservation now!


The Sultan Jazz Club Presents :



A 2-Day Gala of Free Jazz and Improvisations

Organized by Aya Sekine
Supported by Ujikaji Records



Dear all,

I’m very happy to announce and invite you to 2 days full of Free Jazz and improvisations with international guests and collaborations at one and only, The Sultan Jazz Club.

If your ear needs to reset and refresh, this is especially for you. This time, the music will be mostly acoustic with roots in Jazz but with plenty of space for experiments in tonality beyond genre.


It’s a much anticipated event title I have finally landed on.
It is what it means, a movement in a new direction or different way – but it’s also the name of a tune by Ornette Coleman, who is one of the most prominent innovators of free jazz movement in the 60’s, and my initial influence in Free Jazz and improvising beyond chord progressions.

With this 2-Day event, we are all excited to be inspired! Enjoy the individual approaches to improvisations. The music will be so alive and will lead us to unknown places.

【 Improvisational session w/all participants 】
Both night at the end, I planned a improvisation session with all participants and whomever in the house. This would be another highlight besides the performances.

【 Support by Ujikaji Records 】
I’m also delighted to announce, great energy for free and experimental music, Ujikaji Records is supporting the event! Some of participating artists’ albums and merchandises will also be available at the venue.

One thing. The venue has a limited seating. Please make sure you call 91733281 or reach the venue earlier for your seats.

I believe in new direction in music at all times.
I sincerely hope you all can come and experience this special occasion!!

Aya Sekine

TURN AROUND!!! Programme :

October 11 (Thu)
9:00pm Start
cover charge S$20

1/ Brian O’Reilly + Tony Makarome Doublebass Duo

2/ Tim O’Dwyer Quartet

Tim O’Dwyer (alto & baritone Saxophones and bass clarinet)
Greg Lyons (tenor & soprano Saxophones)
Tony Makarome (double bass)
Darren Moore (drums)

3/ Out Draw Trio (Chiang Mai) + Aya Sekine

Siraphop Sitson ‘A’ (double & electric bass)
Phantawat Nawig ‘Phan’ (drums)
Pharadon Phonamnuai ‘Opor’ (tenor saxophone)
Aya Sekine (piano)

4/ Improvisational session w/all participants #1

October 12th Friday
9:00pm Start
Cover charge S$20

1/ Out Draw Trio (Chiang Mai)

Siraphop Sitson ‘A’ (double & electric bass)
Phantawat Nawig ‘Phan’ (drums)
Pharadon Phonamnuai ‘Opor’ (tenor saxophone)

2/ Game Of Patience (Malaysia/US/Australia)

Yong Yandsen(Saxophone)
Brian O’Reilly(Contrabass and electronics)
Darren Moore(drum and percussions)

3/ Bani Haykal + Aya Sekine Duo improvisation

4/ Improvisational session w/all participants #2

The Sultan Jazz Club :

64 Aliwal Street (The Sultan Hotel, 2nd floor), Singapore, Singapore 199940
Call 9173 3281 for reservation.


Ujikaji Records :


Special thanks :

Nicole Duffell, Mark Wong, Darren Moore, Brian O’Reilly
North Gate Jazz Co-op(Chiang Mai)