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Reflection : The Jazz Party 12th & 13th May 2018 at B28

I had an amazing weekend, 2 nights of playing with my working trio “The Jazz Party”. This project is myself paying tribute to my influences through my idols arrangements, my arrangement heavily influenced by my idols, and my own compositions. This is the most important part of my upbringings as a jazz pianist, and for some reason I have not done it until last year’s Jazz In July program at The Esplanade. I love straight ahead, bebop and all kinds of swinging jazz, and I just wanted to not hold back, letting myself get all my influences out, and swing hard. The Jazz Party is about saying things the way I want in Jazz like political ‘party’ and have as much fun as possible, a real ‘party’ :)

My trio

On Saturday night featured Ben Poh (bass) & Ting Wei Yap (drums) , the 2nd night at B28. This is my main trio for last 1 year and I must say, these guys let me be myself in the style I love, give me what I need that I least expect it, and when I expect them it’s all there. It’s a solid trio and we have been working on stuff consistently, I can swing, experiment and also sets me free to do whatever I want. They hold it down so well I don’t have to worry about a thing. 


2nd day 1st set – Set list :
Come Rain Or Come Shine (Harold Arlen)
Tricotism (Oscar Pettiford / arr. Monty Alexander) *I’ve announced it wrongly due to pure spacing out.
Ugetsu ‘Fantasy in D’ (Cedar Walton)
Juliet’s Theme (Aya Sekine)
Ginger Bread Boy (Jimmy Heath)

Chaser : Billy Boy (American folk song /Red Garland Trio arrangement)

The night before the first night with John Koh (bass) also was spectacular. John is only 20 but he has a very matured sense of freedom when it comes to soloing with sense of humour. Actually Ben & John both do in a very different ways. I love music with sense of humour. It’s how we talk (and John has this Kansai ‘service spirit’ humour thing…his mommy is from Japan/Osaka which is where I am from!). Both of them get along well with Ting Wei, which makes me super comfortable. 


1st day 2nd set – Set list :
On Green Dolphin Street (Comp. Ned Washington & arr. Aya Sekine)
Yeah! (Horace Silver)
Dolores (Wayne Shorter)
Freedom Jazz Dance (Eddie Harris)
Our Love Is Here To Stay (George Gershwin)
Three Little Words (Comp.Harry Ruby & arr. Aya Sekine)
Chaser : Billy Boy (American folk song /Red Garland Trio arrangement)

-short pause trying to decide what to do for encore+Encore with special guest: Christy Smith (upright bass) I’m Old Fashioned (Jerome Kern)

Conversation through music

Holding it down is a skill, not just rhythmically especially because I am so demanding with my freedom. I can be quite abstract but these guys are willing to listen to what I say, experimenting with phrasing, at times very random, yet they never stop me and sort of almost urges me to keep on going. It’s an art of conversation through music. (or in Singapore people may say ‘Talking cock‘) I feel so good with this trio’s chemistry. 

While conversing with your cohorts on intense level, negotiating all aspects in dialects (sensitive usage of Singlish and Japanglish included, maybe), possibilities and all of the above with style, it is very important for us to have the best environment so you can listen to detail. The difference between just talking amongst each other and coversations through music at the show is, that it is an artistic statement that people paid to come and listen. It’s not just for our artistic expression. It’s for us to connect with people.

Art x audience

The truth is, B28 or some other live music venue are not just for us artists to perform. It has a role of entertaining the customers who wants to drink and let loose, so the managers have a task of balancing the contrasting interests, therefore I would like to thank Nicole Duffell and her team, for making an effort to hush the audience, fighting for our safe space. I hope I helped to entertain the audience at least. I would’ve done the same as Nicky, but sometimes when you are on the stage, you focus so hard things doesn’t matter, but as many of my guests have complained, if they can not listen to what they came for – it’s not good.
I have done this many times in the past to make an announcement prior to the show, interrupted the show to make another announcement, also to tell the loud table next to me to keep it down etc etc and I think we shouldn’t give up. Some venues are not meant for that, but as long as there are customers whom paid for the ticket, and you are featured – it is no longer just a public event. People have chosen to experience your show. For this show, I made a rule to the trio, to dress properly with tie and jacket. I have put on a dress that I normally don’t dress and put on heels. Make it easy for people to appreciate what we do. Not to mention, we have worked on our material to present. It was definitely not a jam, calling tune on the spot. Oh well, it can be all subjective but I have my ways to present. 

Our role as artists

This is something we all need to work on, as artists, arts managers and venue owners whom love the art they decided to commit to. We can’t just complain people don’t understand. It’s our job to let people understand us. We are connecting art to the public.   I would like to thank B28 again for their effort. At times scolding customers. I too agree instead of complaining people don’t get your art, you need to do something about it.

Thank you!

I thank all, whom chose to come out to listen. Some came 2 nights in a row, many new faces, some saw my Facebook post some from B28 – I’d like to once again thank Nicole Duffell & B28 team for giving me opportunity to showcase my work.
I thank again my trio – John Koh, Ben Poh and Ting Wei whom inspire me so much I can not stop doing what I am doing here in Singapore.
I need to practice!

Aya Sekine : May 2017 Performances [Singapore]


Hi everyone!
Please come and listen to some music I make this month after a long hiatus, starting this Friday!

I have few other announcements to make regarding my work under Bon Goût Music label that I have been working under the radar, to have 2 incredible Singapore independent bands to Japan this Summer starting June that is sub:shaman and another group ;).

Anyway, do come and join me at my performances. I am finally in the celebration mode having finished all courses at MA Arts & Cultural management, and my thesis is done, gone gone gone!

‘The Jazz Party’ at B28 :
I will play at B28 as a leader for the first time! It’s a 2-night stint with my piano trio and I cover my influences from bebop, straight ahead, free style to unknown so please come join me on the ride with brilliant young jazz musicians of Singapore.

Blu Jaz Cafe w/ Shun Sakai:
On 26th at Blu Jaz Cafe I will reunite with a magnificent Japanese vocalist Shun Sakai, who is an experienced vocalist who is known as a vicious improviser – the depth of her expression is something you need to experienced live. She will be singing 1 set of some popular songs ranging from Tom Waits, jazz standards to Japanese folk songs – we will be with fantastic veterans Tim O’Dwyer (Sax) and Darryl Ervin (drums).

Acapella, improvise & sharing by Shun Sakai :
On the next day 27th in the afternoon I will be at one of the most serene and artistically supportive atmosphere of Palm Avenue Float Club(PAFC), accompanying Shun san in the voice workshop while she sings her songs acapella and improvise with participant using Hapi (UFO) drums endorsed by PAFC. This event is under my non-profit, We Love Jazz SG’s signature series SPEAKLOW! Speakeasy Music Sessions where we create a safe space for artists and audience to explore of jazz and improvised music and the personal relationship of presenting artist.

12th (Fri) 9:30pm
The Jazz Party
Aya Sekine (piano)
John Koh(bass) & Ting Wei Yap(drums)
-$25 includes complimentary Old Fashioned or Margarita.
– Reservation only : or
+65 6808 2180

13th (Sat) 10pm
The Jazz Party
Aya Sekine(piano)
Ben Poh (bass) & Ting Wei Yap(drums)

-$25 includes complimentary Old Fashioned or Margarita.
– Reservation only : or
+65 6808 2180

26th (Fri) 9:30pm
Blu Jaz Cafe
Shun Sakai(voice/Japan)
Tim O’Dwyer (Sax)
Aya Sekine (piano)
Darryl Ervin (drums)

27th (Sat) 2-5pm
Palm Ave Float Club, Kembangan
[Speaklow! Speakeasy Music Sessions Vol.8 with Shun Sakai]
*Limited to 30pax
*Organized by WLJ SG
*Detail will be updated soon on

—————-VENUE INFO—————-

B28 :
Basement No.28 Ang Siang Road, The Club Hotel
Must reserve : +65 6808 2180

Blu Jaz Cafe :
11 Bali Lane Kampong Glam

Palm Avenue Float Club :
20 Waringin Park, Singapore 416333


来週はB28というウィスキーが美味しいお店で2-DAYS自己トリオ「The Jazz Party」で演奏します。私がジャズピアニストとしてやりたい事を思い切りやれるというのがテーマのこのトリオでは、才能あるシンガポールの若手ミュージシャンと共にビバップからストレートアヘッド、フリージャズからギャラクシーへと息の合ったスインギーな演奏をお楽しみいただけると思います。

月の後半は日本を代表するボーカリストそしてインプロヴァイザーである酒井俊さんが来星されます。おなじみブルージャズカフェにて彼女の歌の「満月の夕べ」からトムウェイツ、ジャズスタンダードに日本の民謡など幅広い選曲を私の大好きなティム・オドワイヤー(サックス)そしてダリル・アーウィン(ドラム)と共にお送りします。その翌日27日土曜日、俊さんを囲んだ歌、お話、そして参加者と共に声で即興する会を我が非営利We Love Jazz SGで企画しています。アフタヌーンのイベントで、とても静かで癒される空間、「Palm Avenue Float Club」の協力により実現します。限られた席数のイベントですが詳細はこれからお知らせしていきますので、とりあえず日程のみ確保おねがいします。

YouTube Preview Image




そして昨晩 大学院の授業が始まりました。同大学の芸術・文化事業科です。私の他に生徒は4名。1人は欠席でしたが全員女性でそれぞれ全く違うモチベーションで就学して来ており、クラスが始まる前から自己紹介で大盛り上がり。一応学校側に提出したエッセイ(論文の荒削りなテーマのようなもの)で選ばれた私たちですが、著名なフェミニスト団体のアドバイザー、長年台湾や中国の美術館に展示を行ってきた美術マネジャー、ビジネス経営学を学び、大手化粧品メーカーに勤めた際に関わったヴィジュアルアートのキュレーションに目覚めた人。。。そして私。常に刺激インスピレーションを保ち、創造を続けるアーティストでいる事を前提に、シンガポールに今までも現在も無く、どうしても必要な表現/制作する場所の設立、そしてアジアに置けるジャズ及び他のクリエイティブな音楽コミュニティをつなぐ「何か」 漠然としてるけど10年以上感じて来た事で、3-4年くらい温めて来た考えを形にしたい。



そういえば昔父が私が今のシンガポールの音楽事業に関して色々捲したてるのを聞いて「自分マネージメントの方に進んだ方がええんちゃう?」と言われて激怒した事がありました。それは父が私が音楽家である事をまるで無視した様な言い方で、もう音楽やめたら?というアチチュードが伝わって来たからです。私にとって音楽は芸術なので繊細になりすぎてたかもしれない。迫害されてると思うことも良くあったけども全てが創造力の為にあるのでたまにそりゃ傷つきます。でもマネジメントに関心がある事 -やはり父は間違ってはいなかった。その通りに進んでますよ、でもあくまでも芸術家としての自分があっての進学ですよ、お忘れなくお父さん!!







September 2015

Hi everyone.

Sorry I never did my August! I am currently under pressure of moving house (after 10years) and many classes to teach at LASALLE, and all other stuff I do. Also I need to tell you, I am finally officially accepted to start my masters degree study from January 2016 in Arts & Cultural Management. I am excited as I already have a specific field I want to pursue within this category, but want to explore and learn more about what I want to do.

Anyway here is my September in Rain (today it’s raining, but normally haze), that is almost ending!



20th (Sat) 9:30pm-1am :
MUSIC EN VOGUE with MITCH (trumpet) & KENJI SUZUKI(tenor sax)

I am delighted to perform with 2 top Jazz musicians of my home towns (Kyoto & Osaka) especially in the style of New Orleans, Swing, and Bebop. Come drop by while you pretend to shop!

File 15-9-15 11 49 42

/// Schedule ///
18th & 19th :   5pm & 6pm (30min each set)
21st & 22nd : 12:30pm & 1:30pm (30min each set)

More information




21st (Mon) 8:30pm
SingJazz Club
$25 (students w/valid ID $10 off)
Bon Gout Music presents “We All Love Jazz!” Party Vol.2

File 8-9-15 10 31 26

My own Bon Goût Music is once again very excited to present 2nd instalment of ‘We All Love Jazz!’ Party, a fabulous evening of hanging out around Jazz, New Orleans and Soul music that is so close to the heart of Jazz featuring special guests from Kyoto & Osaka!
The Jazz party is back, and this year at SingJazz Club! Don’t miss this great night to enjoy all kinds of Jazz.

4 acts together with special guests : Mitch (trumpet /Kyoto)  & Kenji Suzuki (tenor sax /Osaka)

New Stream Brass Band w/Mitch & Kenji
L.A.B w/special guests
Aya Sekine Trio w/ Ben Poh (bs) & Benjamin Thia(dr)
2Cats  w/Namie Rasman(vocal) & Joe Lee (guitar)

Hope to see you all there!





23rd (Wed) 9-11pm :
Alicia Affair with Alicia Pan (vocal)
Powder Room at Black Swan

It’s always a blast to hang out and play with Alicia. Together with Jase Sng(bass) & Aaron James Lee (drums), things can only get groovy. With fabulous DJ KFC between and after, who can easily make me stay out for extra 2 hrs even though I want to go home so bad.

More details and venue info





25th (Fri) 7pm
Art After Dark
CCA at Gillman Barracks


I am performing with one of my favourite collaborator, a multi-disciplinary artist, a close friend Angie Seah. Together with Ian Woo (bass) and Shark Fung (percussions). Video, movements and interactive art installation.

More information


JUNE & JULY 2015

Hi everyone.

Some shows and performances coming up.



20th (Sat) 9:30pm-1am :
Blu Jaz Cafe​ w/ L.A.B & special guests

We are back! It’s been a while but we will play some of our materials mixed with some covers. It’s a casual night to unwind. Come out. Buy merch and we share some stories about our Japan Tour (see our tour blog here)



24th (Wed) 9pm-0:30am 
Blu Jaz Cafe w/ Ed Layman’s KIND OF BLU JAM

I will be a guest house pianist of the notorious jam! Together with jam master Ed Layman(drums) and Christy Smith (bass).  Come and hang out!


26th (Mon) 9-11pm :
SingJazz Club with Dawn Ho Jazz Quintet
Feat. Dawn Ho (Vocal), Aya Sekine(piano), Christy Smith (bass), Darryl Ervin (drums) and Mark Kelly (trumpet)

Dawn puts together a wonderful collection of her favorite standards, a lot of ballads and blues. Come and enjoy a very laid-back evening of real good Jazz.


5th (Sun) 2pm :
Japanese Association Singapore 100th Anniversary Concert
Feat. Sachiyo, Aya Sekine, Namiko Sakai, Hiroaki Maekawa
I am delighted to have been invited to perform for Singapore Japanese Association’s 100th anniversary special event Super Local J-Artists Concert. The concert features 4 of most well known Japanese musicians living in Singapore and is organised by one and only Sachiyo Nakagaki​, my senpai.

Artist line-up :
Sachiyo​ (vocal feat. her band)
Hiroaki Maekawa​ (bass feat. Tokyo Blue/ Ywenna& Pablo)
Namiko Sakai​ (wadaiko feat. Tenko)
Aya Sekine​ (piano feat. L.A.B / Michaela Therese​, Tim De Cotta​, Teo Jia Rong​)

Details :


6th (Mon) 9-midnight 
Live music @ Blu Jaz Cafe presents : Jazz Composer’s Series For LARGE Ensemble July edition Erik Satay & The Kampong Arkestra 

This is one of my favourite project I am involved in, the Soundpainting. Also it’s my birthday eve, so here is a reason for you to come out :) The Kampong Arkestra is an ensemble of creative sound makers, dancers and actors from diverse cultural and performance backgrounds residing in Singapore that will be SOUNDPAINTED in real-time by Head of LASALLE music Tim O’Dwyer – creating sound & movement collages of dynamic, humorous, and gigantic proportions.

A ROGUE-ROJAK-BAND that will excite and stimulate your senses from the first down-beat to the last cut-off!

“Soundpainting is the multidisciplinary live composing sign language created by Walter Thompson.”


….and here comes,

Ayaschool 2 day-Celebration

Ayaschool is a long-lasting series (since 2007 NYC) of performances where Japanese pianist Aya Sekine handpicks and put together a group of musicians to make music together. The musicians are often picked from different communities or genres hence the line-ups are normally intriguingly unique, and this is where you can see well her artistic vision. Aya is known as a Jazz pianist stylistically to most of the people, but her interpretation of Jazz covers wide spectrum, and ‘Ayaschool’ may explain it more than anything.


During her weekly residency at Blu Jaz Cafe (since 2006 until 2013), she’s featured countless musicians in different combinations & configurations every weekend, performing cover to improvisation with unconventional instrumentations, but the constant elements were ‘listening’ and ‘experimentation’. During the performances whether the material was rehearsed or improvised, the ‘flow’ of music was valued more than anything, it required everyone on the stage to listen and let things ‘flow’ as to just ‘jam’. “Not every configurations or the line-up was a success, people had different styles and music didn’t get to flow, but just like life, sometimes you just need to move on” Aya says. She took a year long break in 2013 & most of 2014, and now she is back to push her own edge ready to flourish more ideas. This particular version of Ayaschool features some of the old regulars of the project, combined with the new faces.

|||| Day 1 ||||

10th (Fri) 9:30-1am 
Blu Jaz Cafe – Ayaschool : VIVID
Bani Rahman (bass)
Bani Haykal (drums)
Stewart Bamrah (Didjeridoo)
Adam Adhiyatma (guitar)
Aya Sekine (keys)

||||  Day 2  ||||

11th (Fri) 5pm-8pm 
Esplanade presents “Jazz In July”
Ayaschool : FLOW

Aya Sekine (piano etc)
Stewart Bamrah (Didjeridoo)
Navin Kumar Nagpal (tablas, percussions)
Tim De Cotta (bass, vocal)
Bani Haykal (guitar, vocal etc)

More information about Jazz In July Series will be updated here :

More to come. Stay alertedly.


L.A.B ジャパンツアー2015「ELEVATE (エレベート)」

L.A.B の日本ツアーが迫っています。もう後一週間です。来週の今、福岡に到着です。



バンドのリーダーは私じゃないのですが、今回一肌脱いで準備に明け暮れたのにはこんな気持ちがあったから。毎回やり過ぎかな、って思いますが今やらなかったらいつやるの?って思ったときにメンバー一同「Let’s do this」って声を揃えましたので今に至ります。


L.A.B 日本ツアー2015 ’ELEVATE’ 日程 

52日(土)   福岡・天神アーリービリーバーズ

54日(月)   京都・三条ルクラブジャズ

55日(火)   大阪・北区 NOON+CAFE

57日(木)   京都・三条 Live & Bar 和音堂

58日(金)   大阪・心斎橋 digmeout ART&DINER

511日(月)    東京・代官山晴れたら空に豆まいて

5月14日(木)    東京・洗足学園音楽大学とのコラボレーション/交流会

515日  (金)  東京・下北沢 Music Bar RPM

★そしてL.A.B 日本ツアーファイナルはココ!

516日(土)  東京・六本木エレクトリック神社



今回のツアーブッキング及びマネージメントは私が Bon Goût Musicとして窓口になっています。今更ながら大きな仕事を請け負ったなあ、と思いますが(毎回そういっている)、仕事の量を上回る内容の濃さと待ち受ける冒険の数々。どんな音が出来るんだろう。終わった後の私達の気持ち、どんなかな?



来週の火曜日(28日)Blu Jaz Cafe の二階で8時半から公開リハをやります。ミニ・アルバムが出来上がったので販売開始です!まだ私達の音を聞いてない皆さん、是非ごゆるりとお立ち寄り下さい。日本に行く前の最終リハがそのままパフォーマンスです。




L.A.B Japan Tour 2015 ‘Elevate’ is supported by National Arts Council Of Singapore (NAC) and Singapore International Foundation (SIF)

SIF logo colour nac_eng_logo

It’s a new year : JAN-FEB SCHEDULE 2015

Dear everyone –  There are things happening in the world which are not exactly happy, quite sad and some people are going through hard time, on the other hand there are some wonderful news, which gives smiles to many. So many lives, so many ways – I can only wish everyone’s well being and strong love.


Here is my Jan-Feb schedule. Please click on ‘blue’ for direct links!


【20 Jan / Tue】43 East Coast Series with L.A.B

7:30-11pm / Carvers & Co. with Nick Chim / Bani Hidir

Cover $15 (at the door)

Carvers & Co. : 


【23 Jan / Fri】Art After Dark with L.A.B

7pm until late / Gillman Barracks : 9 Lock Road (


【27 Jan / Tue】Performance with Bani Haykal & Heddy Boubaker

7pm / Gillman Barracks


【30 Jan】(Fri) Playfreely 2015

with “Otomo Yoshihide and The Playfreely Ensemble”

At The Projector (REDRUM theatre- Golden Mile Tower Level 5)

Tickets & detail :


【6 Feb】 (Fri) Erik Satay And The Kampong Arkestra

(Soundpainting performance conducted by Tim O’Dwyer)



【13 Feb】(Fri)  L.A.B with Benjamin Kheng 

8pm / 203 Henderson Road, #02-01 (Lift Lobby A), Singapore 159546

for event : Revolution Will Not Be Televised by The Henderson Project with headline act by Lazy Habits (UK),

ShiGGa Shay and after party with Matte Blacc (JNR & DREM)


【22 Feb / Sun】 “Huayi 2015” with Hanjin Tan

At (Esplanade Recital Studio) *2 shows
Tickets :




Hi everyone. Many many things going on in my life at the moment, but music is always there and when I’m playing or working on music, I am able to center myself.

Here is my upcoming schedule of November! Please do come to some very special show I’m hosting!


1 November (Sat)
L.A.B (Listen And Believe) at SingJazz Club

This is the first time we are presenting ourselves at SingJazz Club!
We will be bringing you rather acoustic and Jazz inclined selections from our songbook.
Please come and witness how we do it!
Here is the ticket link :

10689883_10152810691594727_5045045173702509749_n Official Facebook invite

3 November (Mon)

Erik Satay & The Kampung Arkestra at Blu Jaz Cafe 
[as part of Jazz Composer’s Series For LARGE Ensembles]

The Kampong Arkestra is an ensemble of creative sound makers, dancers and actors from diverse cultural and performance backgrounds residing in Singapore that will be SOUNDPAINTED in real-time by Head of LASALLE music Tim O’Dwyer – creating sound & movement collages of dynamic, humorous, and gigantic proportions. For their first performance we will be presenting a stella line – up of scintillating performance makers:

Soundpainter – Tim O’Dwyer
Actor / Voice – Adam Marple
Actor / Voice – Sangeetha Dorai
Dancer – Julius Foo
Guzheng / electronics – Natalie Tse
Strombophone (electronics) – Dirk Stromberg
Guitar – Bani Haykal
Keyboards/ electronics – Aya Sekine
Saxophone – Teo Boon Chye
Trombone – Michael Cartwright
Tuba – Fujita Hidehiro
Drum Kit – Daryl Ervin

YouTube Preview Image


November 5 (Wed)

Orgo Bar & Restaurant (Esplanade Rooftop)

Magical Jazz Trio : Dawn Ho (vo) Aya Sekine (piano) Shawn Letts (sax)

We have played at this amazing venue for almost 2 years, and it’s time to move on. This will be our last performance at starry Orgo Bar, so we hope to see you. Thank you for supporting us for so many Wednesday!


November 8 (Sat)
Halia Restaurant at Raffles Hotel
Anne Weerapaass (vo) Aya Sekine (keys) Ben Poh (bass)


November 14 (Fri)
Axis Bar and Lounge (Mandarin Oriental Singapore)
Trio jazz with Rob Collins(vo) & Eddie Jansen (bs)


November 18 (Tue)
Axis Bar and Lounge (Mandarin Oriental Singapore)
Solo piano


November 21 (Fri)
Blu Jaz Cafe (ground floor)
Ayaschool VS. SA Trio (Andy C./Natalie Alexandra/Sheryl Ong) with special guests


November 27 (Thu)
SUS SESSIONS Vol.4 (presented by Bon Goût Music & L.A.B)
as part of SAIGENJI Singapore Tour 2014
together with KAYE (Darker Than Wax) and many special guest musicians! SAIGENJI Singapore Tour 2014

This is a really special occasion for me, being the executive director of the whole event (by my organisation Bon Goût Music. Saigenji is my absolute favorite artist and I have always made effort to invite him, and this is the 4th time. Hope you can catch the show with us! L.A.B’s been working pretty hard on our new material, and we’re happy to share :)

YouTube Preview Image

Venue : Blu Jaz Cafe (11 Bali Lane)
Tickets : $35 incl. 1 drink
Event details :

and you can buy your early bird ticket right here, right now!

Partners :

Official Media – J+Plus FM96.3 SMILE WAVE (COMM Pte.Ltd.)
Venue Partner – Kizuki+lim / Lithe Paralogue (Museum of Independent Music, Singapore)
Marketing Partner – Spoonful SG
Liquer Partner – Epicurean Nomads – エピキューリアン ノーマッズ
Equipment partner – Vivid Creations / Hummingbird Concepts

Design : Kiat (System Sovereign)

Design : Kiat (System Sovereign)


Bon Goût Music name card is printed :)

So I am very happy with my new name card, which were delivered to me by amazing Nazneen Azziz, who has been designing everything Bon Goût Music for me, and she is not stopping just yet.

I actually still need a website, but for now, what I do you can come and take a look at my Facebook page. You can read the Description section of the Page.  :

This is the company I do everything besides playing or composing. This company represents and manages me, and also create events to keep me inspired. I have realised that I am an artist to express, but also value where inspiration is born and nurtured – I’d like to support this mission with this company. At the moment obviously, I do that myself. All of it.

I have a lot on my plate, so I have been looking for possible candidate to work with me, to help me out. My job is not difficult, but my idea comes from years I spent playing, meeting people and living my life, so it may not be understood by everyone.  But I keep searching for the best candidate(s). I have a passion for growing the community, which eventually benefits the individual, vice versa. All is needed for artistic growth.

The name of the company – ‘nuf said comes from my grandfather’s boutique business which was taken over by my dad, and many of you are familiar with my parents’ cafe Bon Goût at Robertson Quay – which closed 3 years ago, but I hear people still go and ask where we are! I’m here! I just don’t serve food to everyone ;)

Anyway, I am very happy finally with where I am with our family business – in Music related format. I thank Nazneen Azziz for her amazing work and input in a lot of things I do for the company these days. She is a PRO.

Now. November performance schedule  on it’s way!



Hi everyone! So sorry for not being able to ‘bilingualize’ my tour report… I only owe you an apology dearest non-Japanese language experts. The infamous Google Translator that would give you about  20% of what I’ve meant, is also useful just to guess.

Now I’m a little more than half way in completing my Tour Report, but I would like to take a break and let you know about few gigs. I do that on my official  Facebook Page but it wouldn’t hurt to consolidate all of the information here. I am expecting my brand new website to launch soon as well.

I am back at Orgo Bar and Restaurant every Wednesday with The Magical Trio. Please do drop by for a starry evening on the rooftop view of Marina Bay :)



July 16, 23, 30 (Wed) 8:30-11:00pm
Orgo at Esplanade Rooftop(4th Floor)
Magical Trio feat. Dawn Ho (vocal) Shawn Letts(sax) Aya Sekine(piano)

*Daniel Wong (trumpet) replaces Shawn this week on 16th evening.


July 18th (Fri) 8:30-11:00pm
Café 21 Living Room – Aya Sekine & Maya Nova (as part of ‘Jazz In July’) 
Concourse (Esplanade)

Maya and Aya or Aya and Maya… which ever the order is, we are back in the hood! We are presenting our original compositions, favorite standards which are arranged and sorted out just for this particular evening. Hope to see you all!
No cover charge, free seating :)

Time :
(1st set) 7.15 – 7.45pm
(2nd set) 8.15 – 8.45pm
(3rd set) 9.15 – 9.45pm

More details and info :

Jazz In July full line-up: 


July 19th (Sat) 6:45-9:30pm
Raffles Hotel Lobby
Solo piano


July 18th (Fri) 9-10pm
The Metamorphosis by Regi Leo (as part of Late Nite Series)
Esplanade Recital Studio


Regi Leo’s music is enriched by the many influences that have permeated his 27-year-long career. While rooted in jazz and blues, he takes from all genres of music to form his own style. 

Protégé of renowned guitarist Vivian Nonis, Regi is adept at jazz, latin jazz, pop and rock. He began his career in pop but soon found himself searching for more depth to his music. Smitten by the tunes of Charlie Parker, Chet Atkins and Joe Pass, it was in jazz that he found his true love before discovering fusion and modern jazz. 

Regi has played alongside many internationally renowned artists including jazz musician Nester Torres; pop legends England Dan and Lobo; and Asian singers Jam Hsiao and JJ Lin . He performs at regional jazz festivals, on television programmes as an acoustic and electric guitarist, and represents Singapore for its cultural showcases overseas. 

Regi’s passion spurs him to constantly evolve and search for new sounds, harmonies and techniques. He believes that music is not only about sheer technical prowess or advanced harmony, but rather a beautiful blend of melody and arrangement that immerses the audience in a journey. 

Presenting original compositions and unique arrangements of music by some of his favourite artists, Regi will take you through the last decade of his career and share the diverse styles and genres that have impacted him. Everything you will hear this evening represents a different side of Regi that adds to the talented and multi-faceted guitarist that he is.

Regi Leo (guitar),
Tony Makarome (bass)
Lester Ang(woodwinds)
Aya Sekine(piano&keyboard)
Rizal Sanip(drums)
and Wayne Sandosham (vocal)

Details & information :

Buy your tickets now : S$25




August 6, 13, 20, 27 (Wed) 8:30-11:00pm
Orgo at Esplanade Rooftop(4th Floor)
Magical Trio feat. Dawn Ho (vocal) Shawn Letts(sax) Aya Sekine(piano)


August 15 & 16th (Fri & Sat) 9:30-1:00am
Aya & Maya 2 days with Special guest bassist : Joseph Lepore (Italy/NYC)
Blu Jaz Cafe : 11 Bali Lane  (

We will have completely different materials on Friday and Saturday. Friday we will present our favorite Jazz standards, on Saturday we will play original materials. It will be very very fun. We are working on it already, having great time picking songs and brainstorming! I’m so happy my ‘musical twin’ Maya is back in Singapore temporarily. It’s always a great catch up when I’m with Maya. We welcome a wonderful bassist from NYC – I had pleasure of performing with him when I visited the City last year in 2013. Very excited to have him here in Singapore!

Maya Nova
Joseph Lepore


★And here is a very special concert where my composition will be performed by amazing quartet, one and only The Pipa Quartet! There will be many other great composers. This is the first time in my life I am commissioned to write, so I am very excited.

August 22nd  (Fri) 7:30m
The Pipa Quartet in Concert: 品 Pǐn  

Venue : SOTA Concert Hall
Duration : Approx 1 hr 30 mins, including an interval of 20 mins
Tickets : $25 (Standard), $10 (Student)


With the support of the National Arts Council’s Creation Grant, The Pipa Quartet presents its first full concert in Singapore, premiering original works by Aya Sekine, Bani Haykal, Chow JunYi, Jeremy Wong, Jordan Wei, Mark John Hariman and Samuel Wong.

The Pipa Quartet is led by artistic director and award-winning pipa player Dr Samuel Wong and is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. Their past engagements include a tour of Singapore’s major education institutions and public spaces, and a Thailand tour, where they performed at Silpakorn University, Patravadi High School (Vic Hua Hin) and the Bangkok Art & Culture Centre to standing ovations and critical acclaim. They were also invited by the Singapore Tourism Board to present their music and open for the Singapore Arts & Entertainment Showcase in Damansara Performing Arts Centre, KL.

The Creation grant supports the creation, adaptation and re-development of distinctive artistic content. Through a rigorous creation process, it seeks to expand the canon of Singapore-made works that engage audiences at home and abroad.


Dr Samuel Wong
Goh XueQi
Jeremy Wong
Ivan Chng

Buy your tickets now :


I guess this is it for now. There might be more performance added later on, so do check back here, or my Facebook Page for fresh updates. I do have a Twitter that is linked to my Facebook, so that is also a place that you can check my schedule without being on the Facebook, where I usually post my schedule and everything as it’s public and I don’t need to ‘friend’ anyone to come check out my world. You are all very welcome!